Teyana Taylor Will Star As Dionne Warwick In New Project

Teyana Taylor and Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick gets what she wants. And she wants Teyana Taylor to play her in a new project about her life.

A new series based on Dionne Warwick’s life will star Teyana Taylor according to the legendary singer.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dionne Warwick revealed the project is “in the works”, adding that Taylor may also direct.

“Teyana is certainly a talented young lady with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interfacing…,” Dionne tells the publication. “She’s very excited about the prospect of being involved and she’s also going to be very, very much involved in directing it and putting together parts and parcel of how we see this going.”

Dionne first teased the project via Twitter in December, asking fans if they’d “really watch” a series about her life, adding: “This is a case for @netflix. Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be @TEYANATAYLOR.”

Teyana Taylor responded with a number of ‘raising hands’ emojis, while Netflix bosses retweeted the post and added: “Taking notes.”

Warwick has yet to confirm Netflix will be the home for the project, telling EW, “They’re not the only place that we’re looking at but Netflix seems to be the leading episodic (platform) to do something similar to what I want to do. There’s a lot of very exciting stuff going on right now!”