Teyana Taylor’s Daughter Junie Checks Rowdy Fans At Her Mother’s Show

Teyana Taylor and her daughter were performing when Junie told the rowdy crowd, “Whoever is acting sassy, they need to get out.”

Teyana Taylor is part of a star-studded household and it seems daughter Junie is determined to let her star shine brightly.  

The “Gonna Love Me” singer and her daughter Junie, born Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. was trending on Twitter after a clip circulated of Junie checking fans at a Teyana Taylor concert.  

Five-year-old Junie appeared with her mom onstage during her “The Last Rose Petal: Farewell Tour.” The mother and daughter were in the middle of their performance when Teyana spotted an altercation brewing in the crowd. “Hey, ain’t no f###### fighting when my baby performing,” she said.  

Junie was not about to let anyone acting up in the audience mess with her set. “Whoever is acting sassy, they need to get out,” she warned. She followed up with “Period pooh,” as Teyana Taylor nodded her head vigorously before breaking into laughter.  

Nevertheless, Junie, determined to continue, wasn’t done yet. “If ya’ll don’t play my music,” she informed the DJs, “I’m beating ya’ll up.” 

Social media was quick to react, pointing out that the apple never falls far from the tree.  

Teyana Taylor Wants to Give Kim Kardashian A Lap Dance

Meanwhile, it was a more adult Teyana Taylor performance that garnered headlines and the attention of Kim Kardashian earlier this week. The reality star posted a clip of the New York native giving DreamDoll a steamy lap dance as Lala Anthony looked on.  

Teyana Taylor got wind of this, deciding Kim’s lap is next in line and wrote on her Instagram Stories “You next.” 

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Still, the star power in the family doesn’t end there. Iman Shumpert, husband of Teyana Taylor, has been making moves himself on “Dancing with the Stars.” This week, the former NBA won the competition walking off with the Mirrorball trophy. 

“Thank you to everyone involved in this show, I met incredible people that I won’t forget or ever stop rooting for!” He wrote on Instagram. “To have done most the lifting all season and then be lifted off of my feet in triumph from this kick ass cast put a lot into perspective for me!”