The Game Calls Latest Scamming Allegations “Fake News”


The Game denies the allegations he’s scammed up-and-coming artists saying “I ain’t never scammed nobody in my life out of nothing!”

Earlier this year The Game came under fire for allegedly scamming unsigned artists, promising to help boost their careers, and then running off with their bread! Now, another artist has come out with fresh allegations against the Los Angeles rapper. She claims he finessed her out of $1,000.  

The unnamed woman made the accusations during a recent episode of “The Morning Hustle” which was shared on Tuesday (September 21) by “The Neighbourhood Talk.” The post was captioned: “We Tried To Warn Y’all: Another Artist Claims The Game Scammed Her Out Of $1000 By Promising Her A Spot On His Mixtape: ‘Mixtape Isn’t Posted To His Official Pages.” 

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Someone must have alerted The Game to the post as he jumped in the comment section to respond directly. “Please stop wit the fake news,” he wrote. “I ain’t never scammed nobody in my life out of nothing !!!! If you want sumn to post, holla at me n I’ll do sumn to help y’all weird ass blog out.” 

Back in February, Game was similarly accused of taking advantage of aspiring artists and stealing from them.

“He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers,” was just one of the many claims made in the post. “In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any of the songs.” 

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At the time, he denied any wrongdoing claiming that it was the fault of the artists.

“So when someone that doesn’t happen with some unsigned artists, well that person is mad, right?” he said in an interview with “HipHopDX” at the time. “Because they thought that this drop or this mixtape slot was going to change their lives, when in reality it’s just a step on the ladder.  

“Use it as you may and get as much as you can off of it, but it’s not going to make you DaBaby. Basically, I’m just trying to uplift artists with dope opportunities.” 

However, The Game remains undeterred, last night (September 21) making his own post offering the same sort of opportunities he’s being called out for. “I’m doing 1/2 off features for ALL independent artists DM @THEGOAT now & ‘HOW MUCH?? 

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