Rappers Accuse The Game Of Swindling Them Out Of Thousands Of Bucks

The Game is under scrutiny for money he has allegely taken from aspiring artists with little return.

The pandemic has affected everyone, and people are suffering out here in the streets. I know what you’re thinking, this is limited to the poor, disenfranchised, and people that work in a regular 9-to-5. However, that’s simply not the case. The truth is your favorite rapper is struggling as well. This manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes you see an artist selling candles. Other artists are DJing. Some artist have turn to becoming media personalities and getting jobs in other fields. But the rapper The Game is accused of swindling young aspiring artist out of thousands of dollars. I would like for you to remember that these are simply allegations and there has been no legal, criminal or civil actions levied against the one known as The Bipolar Bear.

According to a revealing Instagram post, The Game has been sliding into rappers DM‘s and telling them that he sees them working. And then it initiates contact between the two. According to this message, which is quite revealing, the rapper then solicits them to pay him $1000 or more for a feature appearance as well as a spot on his mixtape. Apparently, there is a secondary Soundcloud account that The Game employs and put the songs on THAT SoundCloud, not his verified Soundcloud account. So, the people that are paying these monies to be on this mixtape are actually only being viewed by a few hundred people, not the thousands that follow one of the best rappers on the West Coast. Needless to say, these fans are highly disappointed because they look at this as their big break and I am quite sure they don’t have money to lose.


The Game has not responded to these allegations (that I know of), but it’s not looking good at the moment. The Internet is talking and a lot of them or making fun of homie. I am not sure exactly why the game would be doing some of this, but it might extend beyond the pandemic. The pandemic might have compounded his problems because if you remember he lost a lawsuit to a woman that claimed he sexually assaulted her. He maintained his innocence but ended up losing a judgment for not appearing in court to defend himself. At that point the woman has the rights to all of games monies derive from recording – his whole music catalog as well as a $7 million judgment.

The pandemic is just a cherry on top, allegedly! But the word is the game has shifted all of his assets to his manager Wack 100, who is known to be an interesting character. Ask Mysonne about that! But we love everybody over here at AllHipHop! Check out our interview with Wack. He said the game is coming with the HEAT.

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I know that I am broke but I have to say that owing that much money is enough to break anyone. No one knows exactly what is going on but it seems like the financial pressures of maintaining that glamorous lifestyle are hitting the game hard. I hope this is not the case! So don’t get me wrong! The game remains to be one of the most talented rappers on the West Coast and, like he recently said, he held down the West Coast for 10 years straight until folks like Kendrick Lamar came in.