The Game Reveals His Best Friend Has Died In A Murder-Suicide

The Game

Someone who identified as a friend of AR suggested mental illness was to blame for the incident and that the victim was a woman AR was possibly involved with romantically.

The Game is mourning the loss of his closest friend, AR. According to an Instagram post he shared on Sunday (June 4), AR was involved in a murder-suicide. As Game noted in the caption, he took his own life and the life of someone else.

He wrote, “I’m crying while I type this because I miss you so much!! My emotions are all over the place because of the entire situation & it’s hard to feel the way a person should normally feel when losing a best friend, brother… due to the fact that you not only took your life, but you took someone else’s as well. I send a tremendous amount of prayers to her family and my heart is with you all as you process the untimely death of your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, family member.

“In no way shape or form do I mean any disrespect at all or condone his actions in the matter, but I promise you didn’t know the Avante I did. The Avante I grew up with, fought with, cried with & stood back to back for 30 years with was a happy, comedic father & friend who loved hard & would literally do anything for me, my children or anyone he loved.”

The Game also shed light on their special friendship, which evidently stretched back to kindergarten.

“I waited a few days because the initial impact of hearing you were no longer here on earth, simply crushed me,” he began. “Since kindergarten it’s been me & you side by side going through life together. Staying up past our bedtimes watching WWE, to walking to the store to get a soda & chips every time we mowed another lawn & made $1 a piece, to growing up, smoking our 1st joint together, stealing cars, joining gangs, waiting on each other to get out of jail, sellin dope, gettin shot & surviving it all so that we could learn how to rap from watching ‘106 & Park.’

“Travel the world, stamp 4 passports, meet fans & see places we never imagined… It was ALWAYS ‘Chuck & AR.’ It hurts my hurt to know that all I have left is my memories & I’ve been drowning them with my tears this entire weekend.”

Game look back fondly on AR’s presence at the hospital when all of his children were born. He commended him for not missing a single birthday party.

He added, “I got shot & woke up from my coma… as soon as I was discharged he was right there to take me home. I got stories, memories & stuff I could share with you for days but right now my tears are an ocean running down my face as I’m still in shock, disbelief & repudiation over the whole situation. I’m hurt beyond belief & I’m going to miss you everyday until I am no more. I love you & my heart is with Ms. Rose.”

The Game is receiving an outpouring of support from fans and peers alike. DJ Premier wrote, “Hold ya head Game. Keep the good memories with you always in order to move forward. Love and Condolences to their families,” while Pusha T, Hit-Boy and Hi-Tek, among others, kept it simple.

DJ Quik, meanwhile, asked for prayers for The Game.

Someone who identified as a friend of AR assured Game how much he loved him. He also suggested mental illness was to blame for the incident and that the victim was a woman AR was possibly involved with romantically.

He wrote, “He loved you till his last day. Like all brothers we go through our ups n downs but in the end the love is always the same and never lost . AR was your right hand man and all he knew was the life you and him created together when he wasn’t with you he was not the same we use to talk about what he had going on and he would just vent to me about everything and we would try to think of plans to do different hustles n gigs together but the life he lived with you were the best times of his life and just like you said he loved his n#### game to death and he mean it from the guts !

“My boy was a sucker for love and loved hard but I would never have thought of anything like this those of us who knew him never would have thought he was capable of something like this but mental illness is a real issue and comes in different forms. My heart goes out to the victim and her family and to AR’s mom who loved him dearly and to all his babies he left behind may god bless all. May god and only God judge . john8:7 he that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone.”