The Internet Drags DDG For Asking $100K Or Dinner With Him Question


The Epic recording artist has gone viral several times in recent days.

It has been a rough week for Darryl “DDG” Granberry. First, DDG got caught up in a relationship scandal involving his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose. Then, social media users began clowning the YouTuber/rapper for asking a hypothetical question.

“100k or dinner with DDG?” tweeted the vlogger on Monday afternoon. That post was a callback to the “Dinner With Jay-Z Or $500k” meme that went viral on Twitter and Instagram between 2017-2021.

While Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is a billionaire Hip Hop legend, DDG has yet to reach that level of financial security or cultural relevance of the Roc Nation boss. As a result, many social media users dragged the 25-year-old Epic recording artist.

One person wrote, “[I don’t give a f###] about a soul that damn much to pick dinner with em over 100k not even Jesus himself 😭😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️.” Someone else tweeted, “I’d take a caramel frappe from McDonald’s.”

Numerous Twitter accounts used reaction videos, such as Lil Baby counting money or Tony Yayo sucking his teeth, to express their feelings on the DDG’s survey. However, the Michigan native’s tweet did collect over 7,000 likes.

“Boy, [you’re] clearly not that hard to link [with]. I’ll take the 100k,” replied a user. Her tweet referenced the rumors of DDG cheating on Halle Bailey. DDG responded, “[To be honest], you’re extremely mid and I wouldn’t even look your way.”

Eventually, DDG conceded that the majority online opinion of passing on a meal with the It’s Not Me It’s You album creator for a six-figure payout was the wise move. He tweeted, “Y’all smart. Take that 100k lol.”