The Kid Mero Says Split With Desus Is “Natural Progression”

The Kid Mero

One half of Desus and Mero spoke about the duo parting ways after years of working together on podcasts and TV shows.

The Kid Mero discussed the end of Desus and Mero during a radio appearance on WFAN.

Mero didn’t address a report claiming the duo broke up over their manager, but the comedian shared his perspective on why the two went their separate ways.

“It’s just natural progression,” he said. “It’s like we said on the podcast, ‘It’s Hollywood, baby.’ You develop strengths and things that you wanna explore and do. And then things come through naturally, things just happen naturally. Like Spike Jonze said on the Viceland show, ‘Everything is finite.’ What’s the corny cliche? Don’t be sad that it’s gone. Be happy that you experienced it.”

Although Desus and Mero are no more, the latter did provide a glimmer of hope regarding a reunion. He mentioned the possibility of working with Desus again at some point down the line.

“Everybody grows,” he said. “I’m sure D’s got his things that he wants to do. I got my things I want to do. And they’re very specific to us. We’ve been a duo for a long time. I love everything that he’s done. It’s just natural. I’ve got my life, my worldview, my things going on, and he got his. So, it’s only right that, instead of just staying like, ‘We’re only going to do this one thing,’ let’s explore. Let’s break out. Let’s see what we do as individuals, and then form like Voltron later on. Who knows?”

Listen to Mero below. The topic of Desus and Mero’s split begins around the 3:40 mark of the video.