Third Murder Suspect In Jam Master Jay’s Death Seeks Separate Trial

A lawyer for a man charged with killing Jam Master Jay believes the best outcome for his client will be if he goes to trial by himself.

It’s been more than 20 years since Jam Master Jay was murdered, but the Run-DMC legend and his family still hasn’t received any justice for the crime. That’s partially because the hood doesn’t talk and only recently have there been any suspects indicted for his death.

Ronald “Tinard” Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. were the first men arrested and charged with Jam Master Jay’s October 30, 2002 death. Both men are currently scheduled to go on trial in January 2024.

According to prosecutors, Washington and Jordan allegedly took the life of JMJ as a retaliatory act after they were allegedly excluded from a 10-kilogram cocaine transaction. In May, investigators identified another person, Jay Bryant, as one of the killers.

According to federal prosecutors, Bryant was seen entering JMJ’S Queens studio, and his DNA was found on a piece of clothing left at the scene.

He also allegedly admitted to shooting JMJ, which is contrary to what the feds believe actually happened. In their scenario of the formerly cold case, Jordan was the one that shot the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer in the head at close range.

Bryant’s lawyer says that the confusion is too much, and he believes the best outcome for his client will be if he goes to trial by himself and not be tried with the other men.

“Both of the other defendants will be pointing at us. They may be pointing at each other,” said Cesar de Castro, Bryant’s lawyer, according to the Daily News.

Even though his client said he shot JMJ, he maintains he’s not the killer. He believes Washington and Jordan will say he was the triggerman.