Timbaland & Pharrell Fight To Give Each Other Flowers Over Who Has Best Jay-Z Hits 

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Timbaland And Pharrell refused to claim the titles, each insisting that the other has the better collaborations with Jay-Z. 

When two super producers like Pharrell and Timbaland come together, lively debate over their respective catalogs is virtually guaranteed, but a recent discussion about Jay-Z hits resulted in an unexpected outcome.

The duo recently got into a high-spirited dispute after joining fellow producing legend Swizz Beatz to celebrate his birthday at a gathering in France. However, when the pair began arguing over who has the better Jay-Z collabs, they were not fighting for themselves but instead trying to credit each other.  

“‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’!” Pharrell declared, citing Hov’s Timbo-produced 2003 Black Album cut. “What are we doing?” 

Timbaland didn’t have an immediate response, replying, “I gotta think about you, because you’ve done so many.” 

Skateboard P fired back, “You know why you stuck? You’ve done so many classics that you’re just going through your Rolodex right now!”  

Timbaland insisted it was the other way around, adding, “No! I’m going through your Rolodex! It’s so many!” 

But Pharrell maintained Timbaland has “the greatest Jay-Z records,” before branding his fellow Virginia native “Timbo the king.” 

Despite other Hip-Hop heads listening to the debate, including Lil Durk alongside Swizz Beatz and his wife, Alicia Keys, nobody intervened, leaving the duo to go at it. 

Nonetheless Timbaland inadvertently ended the debate when he declared Pharrell “the prince” of Jay-Z cuts. 

“Hey! You heard what he said. He said prince, because he’s the king,” the Neptunes member said, concluding the discussion.  

Swizz Beatz shared a clip of the debate, calling their exchange one of the “highlights” of his birthday and “a true Hip Hop 50th moment.” Watch the clip below.  

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