Timbaland Shows Love To Viral TikTok Sensation PinkyDoll 

Timbaland PinkyDoll

Timbaland was reportedly the top viewer on one of viral TikToker PinkyDoll’s recent streams, watching her pop corn with hair straighteners.

Timbaland is known for embracing new trends, and the latest viral TikTok sensation PinkyDoll is no different. 

The content creator went viral last week after clips of her TikTok live streams surfaced on Twitter. PinkyDoll is an NPC streamer who goes live on the video-sharing app while viewers purchase GIFs in exchange for a reaction. NPC stands for “non-playable character,” and streamers imitate background characters in video games. Some creators are hugely popular on the app, with thousands of live viewers at a time. 

These characters aren’t controlled by the player but by the game itself. NPC streamers like PinkyDoll mimic repetitive movements and predictable phrases these background characters use.  

Twitter users were initially confused over whether PinkyDoll was actually a real person. Videos of her popping popcorn with a hair straightener while parroting robotic catchphrases like “Got me feeling like a cowgirl,” and “Ice cream, so good,” could be confused for A.I. creations. 

Over the weekend, PinkyDoll was joined by Hip-Hop super producer Timbaland. She broke character as she realized he joined the stream. She gasped in shock before shouting him out but swiftly transitioned back into her role.  

On Sunday, (July 16), Timabaans shared PinkyDoll’s reaction on his own TikTok account. “YES yes YES,” he captioned the post. Check it out below. 


🎤🔥🤖YES yes YES

♬ original sound – Timbaland

Although some are unconvinced, Timbaland is a fan. He was reportedly the top contributor to her recent live stream.  

Keke Palmer Says Let PinkyDoll Make Her Money

While many online are freaked out or even angered by PinkyDoll and other NPC streamers, Keke Palmer is all for it. “I don’t think it’s anybody’s place to judge somebody on how they make money,” the “Nope” actress said during a recent panel talk. “They got that one girl online talking about ‘Popcorn, popcorn,” she added, imitating PinkyDoll’s robotic cadence.  

After gaining attention for Timbaland, PinkyDoll has her sights set on reaching Cardi B. While she hasn’t met the rap superstar, Cardi is aware of the viral sensation. 

She shared a video of the NPC streamer slurping her lounge while saying one of her signature phrases. “How I feel watching this video,” Cardi wrote, reacting to a clip of Normani.