Tony Yayo Says He Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For Starting BBL Trend: “Give Me My Props” 

Tony Yayo

G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo has laid claim to sparking the BBL movement with his 2005 “So Seductive” video starring Buffie the Body.

Tony Yayo wants recognition for popularizing the BBL trend, claiming he kicked off the movement back in 2005. 

According to the G-Unit rapper, he made it cool for thick women to appear in Hip-Hop videos, pioneering a phenomenon of women opting to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery. 

The question of who ushered in the era came up during a recent episode of the Danza Project podcast featuring Tony Yayo and Uncle Murda, with the latter crediting the late DJ Kay Slay.  

According to Murda, “Kay Slay was the godfather of [that],” and credited the NYC radio icon with sparking the trend. “He damn near brought that to the game with them magazines,” he added. 

However, Tony Yayo interjected, stating that while music video directors were casting “bad Dominicans” and “bad Puerto Ricans” in Hip-Hop visuals, he set a precedent with his choice of video vixens.  

“I’m like, ‘I might want some chocolate with the fatty in my s###!’ So it came to a point where I’m like, ‘Listen, man. I gotta have this in my video.’ That’s why in ‘So Seductive’ I had Buffie the Body. She was the first BBL you seen in your life,” Yayo claimed.  

“So when you think about it, I started the BBL movement!’ he continued. “Give me my props! I started the BBL movement. I did! Not me personally, but I started the movement … That was ’04, ’05, ’06.” 

Tony Yayo gave DJ Kay Slay his flowers for “rocking hard” but insisted, “I put that s### on the forefront with the video ‘So Seductive.’” Nonetheless, he also showed love to the curvaceous star of the visuals. “That was the fattest ass you seen. Shout out to Buffie,” he declared. Check out the podcast clip below and watch the “So Seductive” video at the end of the page.. 

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