Toosii Addresses Rumors He Had Sex With Male Hairstylist Arrogant Tae


With a new project out, #Toosii speaks with #AngelaYee about his sexuality and more.

Capitol recording artist Toosii recently released his latest 6-track EP. Boys Don’t Cry arrived on Friday, October 7.

Toosie made headlines last month after he denounced fame and announced a social media hiatus. The musician born Nau’Jour Grainger is back online, and he also had something to say about rumors connected to his name.

As part of his EP rollout, Toosii stopped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast. The conversation included the 22-year-old rapper/singer discussing his new project and his personal life.

Additionally, the Lip Service episode featured the “Bikini Bottom” performer addressing gossip about his sexuality. Toosii admitted he has had to deal with speculation that he is attracted to other men.

Toosii Explains His Business Relationship With Arrogant Tae

“At first, it ain’t bother me because it was like I know what the f### I am,” stated Toosii. He also added, “I love p####… We’re gonna keep it one hundred. It’s in the songs.”

The Syracuse, New York-born entertainer continued, “So it didn’t bother me at first. But then people started to drag it on and on and on.”

According to Toosii, a certain social media account was responsible for spreading the rumors that he was gay. The @urfavesbeforeig page apparently claimed Toosii was having sex with celebrity hairstylist Arrogant Tae.

“I had seen Arrogant Tae in the airport. Never seen this man outside of the airport, ever,” Toosii explained. “I was trying to get him to do my girl’s and my mom’s hair.”

“The Devil Be Working”

The Poetic Pain album creator went on to say, “Next thing I know, the @urfavesbeforeig take the s### and flip it – ‘Toosii and Arrogant Tae f######.’ What the f### [are] you talking about?”

Toosii also told Angela Yee, “Honestly, I think that’s like, bro, the devil be working. That’s the world trying to get me to trick myself out of my position… I don’t got no problem with the LGBT community at all. I’m just not gay.”

Boys Don’t Cry joins a Toosii catalog that contains other EPs such as 2020’s D*ckpressed and 2021’s Pretty Girls Love Toosii. His singles discography includes the Gold-certified “Sapiosexual” and Platinum-certified “Love Cycle.”

The Poetic Pain album peaked at #17 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2020. Toosii’s Thank You for Believing mixtape topped off at #25 the following year. The “Love Cycle” single with Summer Walker made it onto Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs rankings in 2021.