Toosii Takes Social Media Break After Posting “F*ck The Fame”


The ‘Poetic Pain’ creator sings about dealing with depression.

Nau’Jour “Toosii” Grainger is on a pause from the internet at the moment. The 22-year-old rapper/singer posted a concerning message before leaving social media.

“F### this fame s###,” wrote Toosii on his Instagram Story. “Y’all could have it. This s### [is] lame. People love you then they hate you. I should’ve never even started rapping for y’all. I should’ve just kept my music to myself like I did in the beginning to cope with my problems.”

The Poetic Pain album creator continued, “And to my son, I love you man. I won’t be nothing like what my dad was to my mom. I love [your] mom and she [knows] that. My intentions [are] pure, but the world [paints] this f##### up image bout a n#### like I’m [supposed] to be perfect. It’s a relief to finally let people that I’m not.”

Toosii closed out his comments by writing, “I hope my son always [stands] on business and [keeps] his head high cause his daddy did. F### the fame, I’m out.”

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Toosii’s Digital Team Announces His Hiatus

In addition to that Instagram Story, Toosii admitted in a video message that he cheated on his girlfriend, Samaria J. Davis. The Capitol recording artist also told his followers he wanted to focus on his music, not his relationship.

The situation took another turn when Toosii’s digital team shared an update about the 2021 XXL Freshman on his verified Instagram account. Apparently, the “Love Cycle” performer is stepping away from social networking for the time being.

“Toosii will no longer be on social media for a while. He wants his fans to know he loves them and that he hopes you all are still friends. He says he’s fine he just wants to clear his head and that everyone should take breaks sometimes. He also dropped a surprise song…,” read the Instagram statement.

This year has seen Toosii release singles such as “Keeper,” “Love Is…,” and “Lonely.” The official music video for “Heartaches” arrived on YouTube on September 23. His latest release, titled “Last Song,” landed on the platform overnight.