Top Rappers Offering Money To Bail Out Woman Who Avenged Her Brother’s Murder

Dababy Tityana Coppage and Lil baby

DaBaby, Lil Baby, and 42 Dugg are on a mission to free a woman who avenged her brother’s death in Kansas City. 

A variety of rappers are lining up to post bond for a Kansas City, Missouri woman who tracked down, and murdered a man, to avenge the death of her younger brother.

Tityana Coppage has been charged with second-degree murder, for fatally shooting a 36-year-old man to death in Kansas City last week.

Tityana Coppage shot and killed Keith Lars, 36, in a parking lot in Kansas City. She believed Lars was involved in the death of her 16-year-old brother, Jayson, who was murdered on January 10th. 

Coppage told police she contacted Lars, in hopes of setting up a meeting with her father, to settle an escalating feud over her Jayson’s murder.

Tityana Coppage claimed she got into an exchange of gunfire with Lars after he allegedly shot at her vehicle in the parking lot. 

When police went through Coppage’s cell phone, they uncovered her plot for vengeance. The cops found text messages to a contact only known as “Auntie,” requesting .45 caliber bullets.

They also found a text message she sent to her deceased brother Jayson, letting him know she had avenged his death. 

Tityana Coppage is being held on $200,000 bail in the Jackson County Jail, but she may not be there long if some of the top rappers in the game have their way.

Rapper 42 Dugg has offered to put up $20,000 towards Coppage’s bail, while DaBaby vowed to match the amount. Lil Baby also jumped into the conversation, offering up $10,000 to help Coppage regain her freedom.

According to reports, this is not the first time tragedy has struck Tityana Coppage or her family.

Their younger brother and cousin were both killed while they slept in their home in Kansas City after someone shot into the house and killed the eight and nine-year-old boys.

The suspects in those murders remain at large.