Tory Lanez Reportedly Segregated From General Population, Allowed Out Of Cell 2 Hours A Day 

Tory Lanez

A new report claims Tory Lanez has been isolated from the general population and is only allowed minimal time outside his jail cell.

Tory Lanez is adjusting to life behind bars after being sentenced to 10 years earlier this month after being found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. 

The Canadian crooner is housed at Los Angeles County Jail where he will remain until he’s transferred to prison to complete his sentence. While there, Tory Lanez is being segregated from the general population inside the jail and is only allowed out for a minimal time, TMZ reports. 

According to the outlet, Lanez is allowed out of his cell for 2 hours each day but must spend his time alone. He is allowed to venture outside for recreation time, but only for up to three hours a week. 

Law enforcement sources also told TMZ Tory Lanez is set to be transferred to an intake center within the next month. From there, authorities will determine which prison he will serve the remainder of his sentence.  

Tory Lanez broke his silence last week for the first time since his sentencing hearing. He refused to apologize to Megan Thee Stallion while maintaining his innocence. Lanez’s attorney Jose Baez announced plans to appeal his conviction. 

“We’re extremely disappointed that Tory did not get the sentence that we had certainly hoped for. I think the sentence handed down was incredibly harsh,” Baez explained to the press after the hearing. 

He called the decade-long sentence “extreme” and claimed Tory Lanez was unfairly punished. 

“To get a ten-year sentence is extreme,” Baez added. “And really just another example of someone being punished for their celebrity status. And someone being utilized to set an example.”