Tracy Morgan Talks About Being An Alcoholic

Tracy Morgan

The ‘SNL’ alumnus speaks with fellow Brooklyn native Maino.

Comedian Tracy Morgan experienced a life-changing accident in June 2014. In addition to recovering from the physical pain caused by that wreck, Morgan also has to fight decades-old internal demons.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member sat down with Maino for the rapper-turned-host’s Kitchen Talk show. During the Fox Soul program, Tracy Morgan discussed his long-time battle with substance abuse.

“When you’re famous and funny every time you go into the club there is always somebody going, ‘Can I get you a drink? Can I get you a drink?’ Because they think when you’re drunk you’re going to make them laugh, but being drunk has nothing to do with your sense of humor,” explained Morgan.

The star of 30 Rock added, “You’re not even focused when you’re inebriated. So, I’m an alcoholic. I started drinking and I got two DUIs in one year. I thank the Lord I didn’t lose my legs and I didn’t kill nobody and I ain’t go to jail.”

Morgan went on to say that he has been clean for 25 years. The 54-year-old stand-up comic also described himself as an advocate against alcoholism. He stated, “You know what I do, I say I’m an alcoholic and the minute I can’t say that I’m doomed.”

Tracy Morgan Gives Back To His Community During The Holiday Season

Eight years ago, Tracy Morgan was involved in a six-vehicle crash in New Jersey. His friend, James McNair, lost his life as a result of the traffic collision caused by a Walmart truck driver. Morgan sued Walmart for negligence before the company settled the lawsuit out of court.

“I’m just living life, but I still go back home, but when I go back home to Tompkins I don’t go back empty-handed. We just gave out food this past Saturday in Bed-Stuy; food and toys cause we want everyone to have a great Christmas like us,” Morgan told Maino.

The Last O.G. lead actor added, “Why can’t these kids have a good Christmas like mine? So, I try to do something with my Walmart money or whatever and my prestige and I take back to my community.”

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