Travis Scott Accused Of Having Drug Problem After Old “SNL” Promo Video Resurfaces

The “ASTROWORLD” rapper has denied he’s a drug addict numerous times over the years, but some people aren’t convinced.

Travis Scott appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2018, but old promo videos for the episode have people talking five years later. Earlier this week, a clip of Scott appearing alongside Awkwafina and former SNL cast member Cecily Strong made the rounds, leading people to wonder if he has a drug problem. In the clip, Scott struggles to keep his eyes open and seems to drift off a few times.

While some assumed he was just stoned, others were concerned it was something much more nefarious. As one person wrote, ““Yaaaa i never done no sh## like this on just weed…hoping he doesn’t OD like other rappers cos clearly he don’t got anyone who cares enough to stop him from doing this on live television.”

Another questioned: “He can barely keep his eyes open , you sure he just smokes weed?” while yet another added, “This high is not from a plant, this high from something made in a lab.”

Travis Scott appeared on the October 6, 2018 episode of SNL, where he performed “SICKO MODE” and “SKELETONS / ASTROTHUNDER.” His catalog is littered with drug and alcohol references—he even has a song called “Drugs You Should Try It.” But in an interview with In Camera, he denied drugs were part of his creative process.

“I don’t do a lot of drugs, s### so I don’t even know,” Scott said at the time. “I only think that real drugs are like crack, heroin, and f###ing, like, you know, meth. S### that really gets you f###ed up, s### that really gets you tweakin’. If you ain’t doing that, you ain’t doing drugs.”

He added, “I think that’s weak people need all that weird s### just to, like, tap into their f###ing brain. Knowledge is power, drugs [are] just, like, a mental cool down. It just put me at ease. I don’t tap into drugs to say what’s on my mind. I can do that s### sober. I am a drug, sober.”

Three years earlier, Scott also told Billboard: “It stresses me out because people think I’m on a lot of drugs, which f###ing p##### me off. I’m not at all. I barely drink alcohol and I smoke weed kind of. But I don’t do coke or any of that crazy-ass s###.”