Travis Scott Reveals How He Parents Stormi With Kylie

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner (1)

Travis Scott revealed that he practices a natural vibe as a parent and allows Stormy to self-discipline herself!

Rapper Travis Scott and pregnant partner Kylie Jenner believe in letting their daughter Stormi make her own choices.

The music star and the beauty mogul also practice “self-discipline” when it comes to setting boundaries for their three-year-old.

Scott told CR Men, “We try to do a more natural vibe (with parenting), like more self-discipline.” Travis explained he and Kylie give Stormi the option to follow their rules or choose for herself.

“(We say) “OK, you know you got to go to bed at nine. Are you going to stay up till eleven or are you going to go to sleep now?'”

He noted the approach is working for them so far, as Stormi usually does what her parents ask.

“It’s so cool (to hear her say), ‘I’m going to sleep ya’ll!'”

Meanwhile, Stormi is said to be “excited” about the arrival of her new sibling, after Kylie mentioned another baby is on the way.

A source told E! News last month, “Stormi is fully aware there is a baby coming. She is always asking questions and wanting to touch Kylie’s stomach. It’s really cute.”