Travis Scott Paying Funeral Costs For The Eight People Killed At Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is attempting to do his part to help the families who are grieving after eight people died during a mass casualty event at his Astroworld Festival.

Rapper Travis Scott has been having a week from hell.

After eight people were killed at his Astroworld Festival, the chart-topping artist has vowed to pay the funeral costs for the bereaved families. He also said that he and the BetterHelp organization would help in other ways those traumatized by the fatal ordeal.

TMZ reports that the “Butterfly Effect” rapper will be paying for everything out of his own pockets and will spare no expense to make sure that the people who died are laid to rest honorably.

Also, he will partner with the BetterHelp organization to offer free mental health services to those struggling with getting over the chaos that left almost a half dozen dead and 300 in need of medical attention.

BetterHelp will provide one-on-one virtual therapy sessions with licensed professionals and team up with the National Alliance of Mental Illness to support those who prefer face-to-face counseling.

Travis Scott is overseeing a special hotline dedicated to those impacted by the Astroworld catastrophe on Friday, November 5th.

As reported by, Travis Scott has been extremely distraught by the happenings of his signature festival.

Nevertheless, despite people falling out and dying in the audience, the rapper continued performing.

The event got so out of control that it was declared a “mass casualty” only 32 minutes after the Texas native took to the stage, but he was allowed to continue. Law enforcement managing the crisis believed this was the proper course of action as a riot might have transpired if he had stopped.

Regardless of the police’s rationale, some thought that to continue was callous. Several lawsuits have been filed.

Travis Scott remains regretful. He said: “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place last night. My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival.”

The stats are grim from that horrible night: eight attendees died, some went into cardiac arrest, one police officer was stabbed with a hypodermic needle, and hundreds were injured at the festival.