Tray Chaney Talks Directing ‘Truthless’ Movie

The veteran actor also appears in the film that’s streaming on Amazon Prime.

Tray Chaney is best known for playing Poot in HBO’s The Wire. He recently took on the role of director for the movie Truthless. Chaney says, “Truthless is my first short film directorial debut project that I produced and starred in coming from my company Chaney Vision Entertainment.”

He continues, “I partnered with Mars3045, PowellFul Productions, and Klosa Productions to introduce this character Omar Green aka OG who’s the leader of the most feared drug organization in North East Florida and after he takes out a rival drug crew he starts to experience betrayal and disloyalty within his own organization which causes him to question who’s really loyal.”

After years of being in front of the camera, Chaney being behind the camera is a new experience. He reveals he has a new appreciation for other filmmakers that take on the important task of leading the ship during a production.

“Man, I would be lying if I said it was easy! It was definitely a serious role/task for me to step into because I was in front of the camera and behind it but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life just to see my vision working with the actors and watching all the shots in each scene come to life,” says Chaney.

The star of Bounce TV’s Saints & Sinners adds, “I don’t take any directors for granted because this is a serious job. I wasn’t just showing up to work knocking my scenes out & leaving I was there from beginning to end.”

Chaney’s future includes another season of Saints & Sinners as well as a Saints & Sinners movie in 2021. He also has the Jamal Hill-directed Secret Society with Vivica Fox, Erica Pinkett, Reyna Love, and Jeremy Meeks coming soon too.