Trick Daddy Accused Of Removing Woman From “Love & Hip-Hop” Over Refusal To Have Sex

Trick Daddy might be having an unhinged moment right now.

Trick Daddy has been accused of tampering with a Love & Hip-Hop cast member’s opportunity to be on the show after she refused his sexual advances.

On Tuesday (June 18), the Florida rapper shared an explicit text message thread with an unidentified individual in which he called the person a “s##t eater” and criticized them for allegedly choosing the wrong partners. Shortly after sharing photos of the text thread, Trick Daddy went live on Instagram to address allegations that he deleted texts from the thread, in addition to claims that he foiled a woman’s chances of being a part the production of Love & Hip-Hop due to the fact she wouldn’t have sex with him.

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In response to his posts, a woman who goes by the name Ravinia is Ricki shared a series of Instagram Stories and posts via her personal page @sounique945 in which she refuted all of Trick Daddy’s claims and introduced another series of text threads that showed the Miami rapper alleged sexual advances and disrespect toward her. In the initial post, Ricki doubled down on her claim that the “I’m A Thug” rapper was the individual who had her removed from the show.

“Trick daddy got me kicked off love n hip-hop because I wouldn’t give him no coochie why tf would you waste my mf time like that knowing damn well them people don’t pay you if the episodes don’t air I’m not obligated to have sex with no mf body,” Ricki wrote in the post.

Ricki also shared a screenshot of a text thread that appeared to confirm that Trick Daddy did indeed make the move to remove her from production after writing, “I just told them no more recording with you.”

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