Trick Daddy Releases ‘Magic City’ Audiobook

NiteCap Media CEO Peter Bailey co-authored the memoir.

Maurice “Trick Daddy” Young is not known to hold his tongue. The Miami rap legend recently became Hip Hop blog fodder when he shared his thoughts on Beyoncé’s singing ability.

Trick Daddy does not just comment on other celebrities. He also shared his own life story in an audio version of his 2010 memoir titled Magic City: Trials of a Native Son.

“I wanted to give a voice to all the folks who weren’t blessed enough to share our trials and tribulations and share the inspiration that was found after surviving those storms both natural and man-made,” says Trick Daddy.

Magic City was co-written by former Miami Herald staff writer Peter Bailey. The NiteCap Media CEO also served as the narrator for Trick Daddy’s audiobook.

“The culture needs this moment to reflect on where we are as a society right now; we need the honesty and lessons presented in Trick’s story,” says Peter Bailey.

Trick Daddy’s Magic City also tells the story of the history of his hometown. Miami’s crime, corruption, and racial tension are all covered in the southern rapper’s book. Plus, Trick reflects on the city’s Hip Hop scene and his rise to fame.

Throughout his career, Trick Daddy released numerous studio albums such as 1997’s Based on a True Story, 1998’s, 2001’s Thugs Are Us, 2002’s Thug Holiday, and 2004’s Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets.

The Magic City: Trials of a Native Son audiobook is available for purchase at