URL Present Epic “Gun Titles” Summer Madness 12 Event

Summer Madness 12 sold out within days of the first battle announcements and promises to be a not-to-be-missed battle rap event.

Ultimate Rap League is back with Summer Madness 12, bringing the marquee event to Charlotte, NC, on Saturday (Sept. 24).  

Summer Madness 12 Coming! 

The event sold out after the first two battles were announced, with a pair of big stage clashes sure to shake the culture. Fans dubbed the card “Gunner Madness” and the “Gun Show,” once the whole card was revealed. Four of the battles feature rappers from one of battle rap’s most electrifying groups, Gun Titles.  

“This year, Summer Madness 12 sold out before we announced the third battle. This affirms one thing, the URL has a level of favor with our fans, where they can trust we will deliver a fire card,” owner and founder, Troy “Smack White” Mitchell stated.

Adding, “And from the feedback we have been getting from our valued supporters, we not only completed the objective, bringing to the culture an amazing event, but we saluted some of the culture’s hardest working emcees like Calicoe (who arguably had the greatest battle in history and also a war waged a Summer Madness stage), Shotgun Suge (who is a contender for battler of the year with a flawless 2022 record), JC (our Ultimate Madness 5 winner), Swamp and Fonz (two of the most formidable emcees on our roster).”

Smack concluded, “The Gun Titles are electrifying, but if they are to dominate these top-notch competitors and fan favorites, they got to come correct. It is going to be a blood bath up there!”

Tsu Surf vs. JC 

Headlining the event is a match-up years in the making, New Jersey’s Tsu Surf vs. Pontiac’s JC. The two veterans have called each other out at different times over the years and now meet at a critical point in their careers. Both are on a winning streak, and either one could take the W on the night. 

While some fans see this as purely the stage power of Surf vs. the pen of JC, that’s an oversimplification. Surf is a talented writer, JC has a powerful command of the stage, and both have unique attributes that make this one so hard to predict. The New Jersey rapper will have to remain focused regardless of the result. He’s due to jump on a plane immediately afterwards to appear at Rolling Loud New York.  

Tay Roc vs. Swamp 

Baltimore’s Tay Roc takes on South Carolina’s Swamp in a clash of the eras. Roc is one of the most consistent battlers to ever touch the URL stage. Dubbed URL’s “Top Gunner,” he’s delivered classics and electrifying performances throughout the years. His recent showings have been some of his best over the last few years and expectations are high for the Gun Bar King.  

Swamp is maintaining an amazing run after seemingly falling behind some of his peers in the URL’s New Era crop. He’s reminded fans why his name should be up there among the top of his class, scoring some major wins. His run in the Ultimate Madness 5 tournament saw him take several upsets before losing in a very close final to JC for $120,000.  

Eazy Da Block Captain vs. Calicoe 

This is one the battle rap streets have been waiting on since Philadelphia’s Eazy The Block Captain proved himself to be one of the most exciting of his class. While the new star promises “The Talk Different,” he’s facing one of the pioneers of the street talk style of battle rap in Detroit legend Calicoe.  

Eazy is on a great run against the vets while Cal is doing the same, putting the best of the new era through their paces. Though both are expected to bring that real talk, they couldn’t be more different in performance and delivery. This style clash has Battle of the Night potential, with fans anticipating an epic back and forth.  

Chess vs. Shotgun Suge 

The Bronx’s Chess and New Jersey’s Shotgun Suge meet for the second time in a rematch, but this time it’s on the biggest of stages on one of the culture’s most impactful events. Suge currently has the support of the culture behind him, with fans highly impressed with his last few performances.  

The Young Gawd Chess, the final Gun Titles member on the card, will want to secure a clear win after arguably losing the first time round. With both promising to be on top form, this could be close.  

Danny Myers vs. Fonz 

Making his first ever Summer Madness appearance, Log Angeles veteran rapper Danny Myers is coming to put on a show against Fonz, the New Era star from Cleavland. The clash promises to be an intense one, with the punching power of Fonz against the electrifying performance of Danny. 

The L.A. rapper wants to prove himself the more well-rounded of the two, with heavier punching power to boot. Fonz has shown he can hang with the best of them and will not be a pushover. If they kick off the event, the night will begin with a highly skilled, energetic back and forth.  

Tune in to Summer Madness 12 on Saturday (Sept.24), at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST live and for free on Caffeine.tv via the Ultimate Rap League channel. URL will then share the battles on the URL.tv app at a later date. Watch the main event trailer below.  

Tsu Surf vs. JC – Summer Madness 12