Tucker Carlson Claims ‘Non-White People Cheering The Extinction Of White People’

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson was back up to his old tricks again at the weekend, stoking fears into the hearts of the Fox audience.

Tucker Carlson was back up to his old tricks again at the weekend, stoking fears into the hearts of the Fox audience.  

Having been riled up since the US Census Bureau reported that the population is diversifying, he has come up with a new theory. Democrats are not only responsible for the country’s changing demographics but further, non-white people are celebrating the decline of the white race. 

On Friday’s edition of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight” the controversial host expressed his concerns surrounding the first drop in self-identified non-Hispanic whites in history. He then went on to accuse non-white people of “cheering the extinction of white people.” 

Carlson attempted to use recent census data showing a decline in the self-identifying white population as proof of his theory that Democrats are “intentionally accelerating demographic change” to replace voters.  

The contentious Fox News host said he’s “pointing out the obvious”. He says “Democrats are intentionally accelerating demographic change in this country for political advantage.” 

“They said we were espousing something called the great replacement theory, a well-known racist fantasy,” he said disparagingly. “Right. In other words, ‘Shut up.’” 

“As leading Democrats put it again and again, ‘Who cares? Fewer white people in America is a great thing and we should celebrate,’” Carlson continued. 

He then cuts to clips of a discussion on CNN between Bakari Sellers and Ana Navarro where they talk about the census data. 

In one clip, Navarro recounts a recent trip to the White House to CNN’s Don Lemon: “Guess who’s got Stephen Miller’s old office. Her name is Susan Rice. And she’s one of us. And guess who is in Ivanka Trump’s old office? Julie Rodriguez, she is César Chavez’s granddaughter.” 

“Did you hear that?” Carlson asks in disbelief, sounding like he’s about to lose his mind. “‘Her name is Susan Rice, she’s one of us.’ Meaning she’s a Democrat? No. It means she’s not white. ‘Us’ is the non-white people cheering the extinction of white people. That was on television. Think about that. It’s hard to think about because it’s that evil.” 

He is no stranger to peddling the racist “replacement theory”. Carlson earlier in the week suggested that the Biden administration is “bringing felons, violent criminals into our country on purpose” to influence the outcome of elections. 

Back in April, Carlson a guest on his show claimed that Hip-Hop culture was responsible for ruining Black’s people’s ambition.