Twitter Is Going Crazy After Joe Budden Chases Drake Fans That Aggressively Approached Him


(AllHipHop News) There’s a lot of things that rappers have to deal with in their lives, and one thing is fans.

However, one rapper that you may want to avoid running up on is Joe Budden.

The Jersey rapper went viral after he was captured on camera chasing a couple of guys after they approached him randomly.

According to, the two guys were fans of Drake and his music collective, OVO Sound.

While the two fans did successfully scope out Joe Budden, they weren’t really ready to run up on him once he got out the car.

Next thing you know, Budden is captured chasing the fans down the street with rocks in-hand.

He even managed to catch up with the fans, who were actually in a car the entire chase.

The entire ordeal was recorded via Snapchat and Twitter, which eventually lead to Budden becoming the mene of the night.

Budden has been in recent news lately for his escalating beef with Drake.

The two rappers have been trading diss records lately, and the Mood Muzik emcee just released yet another track “Just Because.”