Tyga Apologizes To Mexican Community For “Ay Caramba” Video

The West Coast rhymer sits down with the ‘American Cholo’ podcaster.

Addressing offensive language and imagery is a major topic of conversation in modern-day America. Hip Hop recording artist Tyga is the latest celebrity to deal with backlash for what some people see as objectionable content.

On July 8, Tyga released the official music video for his new “Ay Caramba” single. The visuals have amassed more than 4 million views on YouTube, but some critics called a foul on the clip.

For example, the American Cholo podcast claimed the “Ay Caramba” video, not the actual song, perpetuates Mexican stereotypes. Others outright called Tyga’s artistic take on Latin culture racist.

L.A. Leakers hosts Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk brought Tyga and the American Cholo‘s Gill together to discuss the matter. The Power 106 segment included Tyga offering a mea culpa to the Mexican community.

Tyga Says He Did Not Intend To Offend Anyone

“When I dropped the video, I wasn’t in L.A. I was in Europe,” said Tyga. “Then I started seeing a lot of people offended by it and I was kind of confused, so that’s why I didn’t respond. I took time.”

The 32-year-old Californian continued, “I didn’t comment on anything, I didn’t like any posts. I kind of like tried to do my research a little bit. I tried to ask a lot of my friends that I grew up with that were Mexican.”

T-Raww went on to say that he has recorded Latin songs in the past as a way to pay homage to his Mexican-American childhood friends. Tyga also explained that he did not intend to offend anyone with his “Ay Caramba” video.

“I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my fans that are Mexican. I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican or Dominican that probably weren’t offended by this video. But, my Mexican fans in L.A., there definitely was some that were offended,” stated Tyga.