Rapper Tyga Dodges Domestic Violence Charge, Mandated To Take Conflict Resolution Sessions


Tyga can let go of his breath after the LA City Attorney’s Office said that he won’t be facing a criminal charge for a domestic violence case.

Rapper Tyga can breathe a sigh of relief after the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office decided that he will not be facing criminal charges related to his October domestic violence case.

According to TMZ, the “Light It Up” rapper was handed a big break but will have to stay on the straight and narrow for at least a year as a part of his agreement with the prosecutors. 

Tyga will also have to take classes and sit with authorities to help him navigate conflict resolution options. If he fails to comply with the boundaries of this agreement, the state could still file misdemeanor charges on the rapper.

In October 2021, Camaryn Swanson, the artist’s ex-girlfriend, said that he physically abused her after the two got in an argument. Swanson filed charges, and Tyga turned himself in to local authorities.

His bail was set for $50,000, for the domestic violence incident and he has been out since then.

The prosecution’s leniency could have been predicted.

AllHipHop.com reported in November that the Los Angeles County D.A. did believe the assault warranted a felony charge and declined to file them as such against Tyga. 

The L.A. County D.A. shot it over to the Los Angeles City’s Attorney’s Office — with the understanding that with that department, the most significant penalty would be hitting him with a misdemeanor.

Swanson, who made the domestic violence allegation, says that the media has misrepresented her.

“My intentions were never to go public with this,” she wrote. 

“Unfortunately ‘someone’ released a false narrative to TMZ painting me out to be somebody I am not, accusing me of things that did not happen and that I did not do. With that being said I took matters into my own hands and posted the TRUTH with proof tagging tmz AFTER they released the fake news.” 

The two still hang out despite the domestic violence accusations but are not romantic.