U.K. Rising Star Bree Runway Shows Love To Iconic Female Rappers, Including Missy Elliot & Foxy Brown 

Bree Runway, who is one of the only people Foxy Brown follows on Instagram, paid tribute to the rap legends who inspired her.

Bree Runway is ascending in the music industry after first making a name for herself with the success of her 2020 debut mixtape 2000AND4EVA, featuring the trap-pop hit “Gucci.” 

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The buzz surrounding the East London rapper/singer intensified with the release of her singles “Pressure,” and “Somebody Like You,” earlier this year, and anticipation is high for her debut album. Nonetheless, Bree Runway remains grounded despite her elevation into the spotlight and collaboration with icons, including Missy Elliot.  

Bree Runway “Pressure”

During a recent in-depth interview with Dazed, the versatile artist paid tribute to her idols, an eclectic mix of female powerhouse artists. Among them is Foxy Brown, whom she recently connected with and formed a very special friendship. Bree Runway has the distinction of being one of only eight people the legendary Brooklyn rapper follows on Instagram. 

“She’s probably going to die with laughter when I say this, but she’s my best friend in my head,” Bree admitted. “Every time I get a notification from her, I’m like, ‘Do you know who the f### you are and what you’ve created? The doors you’ve opened? What you mean for fashion and music?’ Those crazy iconic crossovers!” She also paid homage to Foxy for inspiring her own sense of fashion “as a dark-skin girl.” 

Her collaboration with Missy Elliot came about after the Londoner reached out on social media. Bree Runway received comparisons with the trailblazing artist after dropping her song “APESHIT” in early 2000. “Come and collect me mommy!,” she tweeted, tagging Missy. “Hop on the remix 4 me.”  

She responded with “keep shin- ing mama,” but, to Bree’s surprise, Missy would feature on a single with her the following year. After she dropped “Gucci,” Missy’s team reached out and requested to work with her. “‘ATM’ was the song of mine that felt incomplete,” she explained. And I was like, please send this to her.” Thankfully for Bree Runway, it worked out well. “She liked it, and then we got cracking!” she exclaimed.  

While she is currently touring in L.A. and New York, she is still working hard on writing and recording her forthcoming debut album. Fans can “expect to hear Bree Runway in a way you’ve never [heard her] before,” she revealed. “Everything you love? Expect it times ten. It’s just going to be so elevated.”