Conor McGregor Makes Battle Rap Debut Following Online Spat With Irish Rapper 

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor rose to the challenge after being called out for a rap battle following the news he might be running for Irish president.  

Shortly after making his case to become President of Ireland, UFC icon Conor McGregor engaged in a rap battle following an online dispute with an Irish battle rapper. 

News that the ex-UFC champion was considering running for office was met with some criticism. “Conor McGregor is a profoundly stupid person,” wrote Scott Moore, a political commentator from Northern Ireland.  

McGregor caught wind of the post and fired back at Moore with a demeaning response. “Relax there pimples,” he replied. “You are a broke little ‘battle rapper.’” 

However, rather than backing down and avoiding a possible pile-on from McGregor’s 10.4 million followers on X, Moore challenged him to settle their dispute in his arena: battle rap.   

“I have a mental health condition where I compulsively pick my skin,” Moore explained. “I’m also autistic, I’ve used battle rap to stand up for disabled folk.” 

He continued, “If you want to battle DM me. On cam. Unless you’re scared of a fella with pimples bodying you for the world to see.” 

McGregor didn’t back down and wrote and recorded a round aimed at Scott “Scomo” Moore within an hour. He dropped his bars in a voice note on X, sending U.K. battle rap social media into a frenzy, causing a flurry of posts from fans refreshing their timelines looking for Scomo’s response to McGregor.  

After an agonizing wait, Scomo dropped his reply, hitting back at McGregor’s rhyming skills.  Check out their bars below.

Nonetheless, Conor McGregor wasn’t ready to end his battle rap debut and dropped another round. Scomo responded in kind before calling him out to battle in person. However, he ended up being blocked by the former champ. Check out the rest of their exchange below.