Vic Mensa Talks Having Near Death Experiences & Defending Kid Cudi From Critics


(AllHipHop News) With a label boss in Jay Z and musical mentor in Kanye West, Vic Mensa is on pace to be a breakout star in the near future. The Roc Nation performer recently spoke with Nylon about various topics including how near death experiences made him a believer in a greater power.

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“I fell off of a bridge [after being electrocuted] by fifteen thousand volts of electricity. I’ve talked about that one a lot of times. But, I got in a car crash one time where I totaled my mom’s car going back from the studio at 7am,” said Mensa. “I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a light pole and the car spun out and went backwards across the road and crashed into a tree. When I got out, I caved in and I got on my hands and knees and started praying. I’m not very religious, but like I said, this kind of sh*t will make a man believe.”

While the Chicago native wowed music writers with his stellar 2013 mixtape Innanetape, Mensa still has issues with the way some music critics pick a part an artist’s work. One review of a fellow Midwest rapper’s project ignited a social media response from the “U Mad” rhymer.

“I had just stumbled upon an album review for one of Cudi’s albums, and I’m not Kid Cudi, but I was just reading his sh*t,” explained Mensa. “I’m just reading the article on Cudi and how it compares him to Kanye; saying that this album isn’t up to par, and I’m just like, ‘F*ck whoever sat down to write that.” Taking their time to just sh*t on somebody’s talent, when they themselves don’t even have any talent.”

Mensa should prepare for critics to offer their thoughts on his own debut studio album Traffic when it hit stores. The LP could include recent releases such as “I Been” and “All The Shines.”

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Listen to Vic Mensa’s “I Been” below.