Viral Rumor Debunked: Chris Brown Didn’t Give $10K Or Refund To Disabled Fan 

Chris Brown

A disabled Chris Brown fan says a recent meet and greet viral story is fake and accused the poster of “exploiting my disability for likes.” 

A recent Chris Brown meet-and-greet is causing a stir online, but not for the usual reasons. 

The singer’s infamous post-concert meet-ups have made headlines in recent years. He was criticized for charging fans $1000 to meet and take a photo with him. They’ve also caused chaos in some relationships with disgruntled partners dropping their lovers after taking couples-style photos with Breezy.  

However, one recent meet and greet gained traction online after a user on X (Twitter) went viral. The June 30 post, which has been viewed over three million times, claims Chris Brown refunded a disabled fan’s meet-and-greet ticket and gave her a huge cash gift.  

“This woman paid $1,111 for a ‘Meet & Greet’ with Chris Brown,” the post reads. “When he saw her, refunded her money and also gave her an extra $10k, along with these beautiful pictures.”

Chris Brown Fan Rejects Viral Story

Despite going viral, the story is untrue. The woman in the photos has come forward to clarify what happened at the Chris Brown concert.  

I’m just here to set the record straight,” she began before explaining that she’s been attending Brown’s concerts for around a decade and they “built a great relationship.”    

She continued, “What I’m not okay with is strangers on the internet using my face and exploiting my disability for likes and clicks while spreading misinformation.” 

The woman said that while Chris Brown has on occasion “upgraded my seats or provided me with free tickets,” she pays her own way. “I support Chris as a brand and as an individual so if you see me at a show or meet and greet, please know that I paid for my ticket. I paid to get there.” 

She also accused the original poster of perpetuating a narrative “that individuals with disabilities don’t have jobs, we don’t function well in society.”  

“This going around takes away from everything that I personally did to get there,” she declared. “It takes away from the hours I work. It takes away from the things that I sacrificed to work the overtime, because I wanted to treat myself.” 

Chris Brown hasn’t publicly commented on the drama. However the fan joked she’ll happily take a cash app on the low.