Vivica Fox Reveals Regina King Is “Doing Okay” Following The Death Of Her Son

Vivica Fox shared a message from Regina King thanking everyone for their support and confirming that she is “surrounded by love.”

Regina King is “doing okay” following the death of her beloved son Ian Alexander Jr. who died by suicide on Wednesday, January 19.  

Vivica Fox issued the emotional message during an episode of her show, Cocktails with Queens

“I was with Regina last night,” Vivica began tearfully. “She’s okay.” She explained that she received a call the previous night informing her that Regina wanted to see her. Vivica turned her car around immediately and went to be with her “friend and sister.” 

She continued and praised Regina King for her courage during this difficult time. “She’s so strong.” She said, “More than anything else is that I’m glad I got to hug her. I’m glad I got to look into her eyes.  

Regina King Is “Surrounded By Love.”

Regina King asked Vivica to update her supporters and well-wishers. “She said to tell everybody that she’s gotten y’all texts. The outpouring of love for her, her family and her son…she appreciates it.” 

The actress then delivered an important message concerning childhood mental health.  

“If you see any signs of someone being in distress,” she said. “Or if somebody reaches out to you that’s just maybe not having a good day or something. Stop. Take a moment to make sure they’re okay.” 

Vivica also revealed that Regina King is “surrounded by so much love,” and added, “our community is right there for her.” She continued, “We’re gonna get through this. But she’s okay and she wanted me to let everybody know that she appreciates the love and the texts but we will get through this.”  

She concluded with a final poignant call to bring “more awareness to mental illness.” 

“If y’all see someone in distress, check on them. I’ve never thought about suicide in our community how many people are deciding to take their own lives because they don’t want to be here.” 

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AllHipHop extends our prayers to Regina King and her loved ones during this difficult time.