Wack 100 Asks “Do We Defund The Police” Following Murder Of Clarence Avant’s Wife

Wack 100

Wack 100 vented his frustrations and Tyler Perry said every “available resource will be used” following the murder of Jacqueline Avant.

Wack 100 100 is questioning the criminal justice system and how it handles home invasion in the wake of the murder of Clarence “The Black Godfather” Avant’s wife, Jacqueline Avant. 

Wack took to Instagram to air his frustrations after Jackie, as she was affectionately known, was shot and killed in a home invasion early Wednesday (Dec. 1).  

“No explanation or No excuses,” Wack 100 wrote in the caption. “She’s your mother, your aunt, your grandmother the family’s friend She didn’t deserve this. A lot of robberies & home invasions going down. DO WE DEFUND THE POLICE NOW? Naw laws need to change mandatory 25 yrs for a home invasion and the right to murder the ones found in your home or trying to gain entry. Eliminate the call the police or if there fleeing the home part of the law!” 

 He added, “This needs to be addressed. Streets & Prisons need to punish anybody that hits those jails. Needs to be a paperwork check upon entry …. Don’t WAIT UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO ONE OF YOURS.”   

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Tyler Perry Shares his Grief

Meanwhile, Tyler Perry shared his condolences to the Avant family and assured support and resources are being galvanized to find those responsible.  

“My heart breaks for Clarence and Nicole and all the Avant family,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “This world can be so cruel and cold!! I have no idea what kind of sub-human could shoot an 81 year old woman, and in her own home. But you can rest assured that every available resource will be used to find whoever is responsible for this awful nightmare. This is tremendously sad.” 

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The philanthropist and social justice advocate was killed after an armed intruder allegedly entered the Trousdale Estates home she shared with her husband. Jackie was shot and rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.