Wack 100 On Meeting With Farrakhan: “F##k Out of Here … I Eat Pork”

Meek Mill, Louis Farrakhan (Tasnim News Agency CC BY 4.0) and Wack 100

Earlier this week, Wack 100 was open to a sit-down with Minister Louis Farrakhan and one of his enemies, Meek Mill. But now he is insulting the leader of the Nation Of Islam!

Wait a minute … Did Wack 100 say he didn’t give a f### about Farrakhan?

In the continuous soap opera surrounding Tekashi 69, Meek Mill, Jim Jones, 21 Savage, and just about any rapper that dares to speak on the rainbow-haired rapper’s reputation as a snitch, Wack 100 may have disrespected one of the most respected African American leaders in the world: The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

On Clubhouse recently, Wack 100 hopped on the conversation-based app and dissed Meek Mill.

As Tekashi and his supporters amped him up about the beef, he got a little excited when talking about the leader of the Nation of Islam, using an expletive when speaking about a proposed peace talk between the Philly rapper and the West Coast OG that would be mediated by Farrakhan.

Tuesday night, while 6ix9ine was dissing Meek Mill for going to jail for popping a wheeling, the conversation shifted to meeting with the spiritual advisor.

“Y’all don’t see what the n#### do? For the last five days, the n#### put up a post that said that Wack is misleading the youth,” Wack said Meek wrote. “He needs the young homies for protection.”

“First of all,” Wack said, “Me and you, n####,” he corrected. “I ain’t said the ‘Pirus and you.’ I ain’t say the ‘West Coast and you.’ I said ‘Me and you.”

“Then you reach and say, ‘Farrakhan, can you arrange a sit down. N#### f### all that! I eat pork,” defiantly he said. “Ain’t no Farrakhan (unrecognized). F### out of here, n####.”

“They called me!” he revealed. “Farrakhan’s son called me. He been having all the Muslims call me for like four days. On my momma! But that’s out.”

Someone asked Wack if he answered the NOI calls.

He said, “Hell, yeah I answered their calls.”

This is a turn around because a few days ago, he seemed to be open to it.

For decades, The Honorable Minister Farrakhan has interceded on behalf of the Hip-Hop community, squashing beef and facilitating truces.

He also has credited features on Busta Rhymes’ and Smif and Wessun latest album.

He even spoke at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral.

The preacher’s gangsta is solidified because he represents a strong love that many have never seen.

Wack’s language was disrespectful indeed, despite no comments being offered from the Nation of Islam, rest assure they heard about this.