Wack 100 Slams Fans Saying He Should Pay Chrisean Rock’s Bail

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock was arrested when she appeared at a Los Angeles County court to support Blueface, the father of her child.

Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, clarified Chrisean Rock’s legal woes in response to fans’ concerns on Thursday (June 13). In an Instagram video, Wack 100 explained why he also couldn’t post bail for her following her recent arrest.

“Chrisean has, I believe, two or three warrants,” he said. “One of them is not serious. Arizona’s not serious. California’s not serious. The one that’s holding her is Oklahoma. No bail warrant because of probation violation. Okay? You cannot bail her out. Stop hitting me, ‘Why you ain’t bailed her out? Why you ain’t got her an attorney yet?’ We don’t need to get her an attorney. Alright? Bottom line, that judge is gonna do what that judge is gonna do when she gets back down there.”

Wack 100 added, “There’s nothing I can do. Nothing Blueface can do. Even if I didn’t want to do it, if Blueface called … and said, ‘Unc, go get her,’ I would have went and got her. That’s just the politics of it. So, there’s nothing anybody can f###### do. When you got a hold, you got a hold.”

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Chrisean Rock was arrested on a felony fugitive warrant when she showed up at Blueface’s court hearing on Monday (June 10). Wack 100 claimed he told her not to come to court.

According to Wack 100, Chrisean Rock mistakenly believed she wasn’t in danger of getting taken into custody. She was wanted for a probation violation in her Oklahoma drug case. Rock was sentenced to four years of probation in 2023.

“I think within the next 30 days, they got 45 days to transport her,” Wack 100 said. “If they come get her … they’ll fly her over there. So, the faster she gets over there, the faster she’ll be home. It’s not like she’s gonna do some years, be incarcerated for a long time.

“The minute you hear Rock is in Oklahoma, [she’s in] custody. Probably within 10 days of that, best case, she’ll be home. Or the judge might give her a little time: months, couple of months, whatever they do. Either way, we’ll see her before Christmas. We’ll see her before the summer’s up. She’ll be alright … She’s in the same situation Blueface is in.”

Blueface was sent to jail for a probation violation in January. He’s scheduled to be released in July.