Wale Goes Off On United Airlines Over Missed Flight

Wale loses his cool after missing show!

(AllHipHop News) Wale missed his flight and he took to SnapChat to air our his grievances on the video blogging platform.

“They closed the door on my face, y’all,” Wale said in the video. “They closed the door right in my face. This why I won’t make my show.”

One might assume that lateness is the reason for the missed flight, but the Washington D.C. native suggested strongly that he was racially profiled on Twitter.

“United at Newark be profiling for no reason,” Wale stated in a tweet that has been deleted. “You got to convince them your first class. Young black dude? Must be a bootleg ticket huh.”
The MMG rapper decided to air out certain United workers through his social media. Check out the video below that shows it all through Wale’s social media eyes.