Watch Rory & Mal Poke Fun At Themselves With “The Job Hunt”

The former JPB Boys are back to business without Joe Budden.

It appears Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay are taking their “firing” from The Joe Budden Podcast in stride. A new YouTube channel called New Rory & Mal debuted this week with a video titled “The Job Hunt.”

In the nearly six-minute sketch, Rory and Mal decide to seek new employment after they were excommunicated from The JBP Boys. Farrell opens by saying, “I can’t believe I got fired after I quit.”

The two cultural commentators called back to previous conversations from the podcast. Rory joked about his grandfather building bridges in New York City, and Mal referenced his overly used catchphrase “that’s crazy.”

Joe Budden and Rory apparently had behind-the-scenes heat over financial records and contractual obligations. The complicated ordeal between the friends/co-workers came to a head when Budden temporarily replaced his co-hosts on the show.

All three men eventually reunited on the podcast for two more obviously tense episodes before Budden announced he was officially dismissing Rory of his duties on the program.

At first, Rory addressed the über-viral Joe Budden Podcast drama with a tweet on May 13 where he simply thanked his supporters. The manager of the R&B/Pop group Emotional Oranges and Mal later offered an hour-long response video for $2 on Vimeo.

Budden initially threatened to sue his former colleagues if they immediately attempted to create their own podcast, suggesting Rory and Mal’s contracts with JBP contained non-compete clauses. The retired emcee later walked back those legal threats.

Both Rory and Mal have been promoting “The Job Hunt” on social media. A clip posted to Rory’s Instagram page has nearly 50,000 likes. His teaser vid on Twitter was viewed more than 400,000 times. The full YouTube version amassed more than 250,000 plays since premiering on the platform on May 26.