Watch The Trailer For Pop Smoke’s New Album Slated For This July

A new album from Pop Smoke is dropping next month! Check out all the details!

A year after his first posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, hit the charts, Brooklyn’s beloved Pop Smoke’s estate will be dropping a new album on July 16.

This surprise project will be distributed through Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records. The label put out an album trailer to bolster excitement.

In February 2020, Pop Smoke was murdered at the age of 20 in Los Angeles. Shortly afterward, he dropped his debut album— sadly after his demise.

SFTSAFTM came out in late 2020 and topped the charts with songs from Migos and Polo G’s.

Pop Smoke also appears in Eddie Huang’s film called Boogie, where his song “AP” is appearing on the soundtrack.

Another song, “Lane Switcha,” featuring Skepta, A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, and Project Pat also appeared on another soundtrack for the F9.

Fans have already taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on the upcoming project.


“whoever is milking this man’s career will not see the pearly gates, like damn let pop smoke rest in peace”

“Exactly. Even if it’s garbage (which it won’t) it’s not his fault cause he didn’t have a say in it obviously. You can be critical of something without being a dick about it. I’m tired of Pop Smoke slander, he brought such a fresh new wave to rap music. He woulda been a superstar.”

“I’m amazed how many songs pop smoke made before he passed”

“I loved Pop Smoke too be there’s a reason 50 cent is not involved with that new album. There’s no way you can make an album a year after a person passes that would sound like something they would support if they were still here.”