Westside Gunn Confirms It – He’s Retiring From Rap

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn teased retirement in past years, but he claimed he’s ready to step away from rap after 2023.

Westside Gunn announced plans to retire from rap after 2023.

The Griselda Records founder revealed his intentions to step away via social media on Friday (December 30). Westside Gunn reflected on his career and explained why he’s retiring in a series of Twitter posts.

“23’ def my last year doing this s###,” he wrote. “I don’t have nothing else 2prove, I put my team on, I put my city on, I worked w/everybody I ever wanted to work with, plus MFs still don’t even understand 1-10, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD, or Pray for Paris(mind u Virgil did the cover) im the [GOAT].”

Westside Gunn claimed he was retiring a few times in recent years, but he continued to release new music. He acknowledged his past retirement bluffs before detailing why his latest declaration is different.

“I know I say I’m a retire all the time so ppl might be like he always say this,” he wrote. “Seriously I been thru so much with this s### behind closed doors y’all would never know, it’s brought more pain than joy I’m just so G that I make it look super easy but I fight these devils everyday.”

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Westside Gunn made sure fans knew he wasn’t abandoning Hip Hop when he retires from rap. The Buffalo-bred rapper said he will continue to be involved in music behind the scenes.

“I’m still going to curate albums,” he noted. “And btw I been secretly working on a @EsteeNack project I’m calling Nacksaw Jim Duggan and this s### is F##### KRAAAAAAZY but I still love the ART of executive producing but it will only be if my heart is into it u can’t ask me I have to ask you.”

Westside Gunn aims to go out with a bang in 2023. He mentioned several projects he wants to release before calling it quits.

“Yes I know ppl want GUNNLIB in 23,” he wrote. “Yes I do wanna make Awesome GOD a trilogy, Yes WWCD 2 is ontop of my list there’s no way I’ll hang it up without a project with my family, YES StoveGOD will be dropping, YES MICHELLE records will be dropping.”

Westside Gunn also teased new releases from Armani Caesar, Boldy James and Rome Streetz, among others. He concluded his string of Twitter posts by thanking multiple artists who supported him early on in his career.