UNH White Male Professor Pretends to Be A Black Woman to Harass Other Black Women

Craig Chapman

The University of New Hampshire is dealing with case of “trans-racism” after a white professor was outed pretending to be a black woman!

Another case of trans-racialism has found its way in the news, proving once again that white privilege and supremacy has no bounds. This time, it is not a white woman trying to pass herself off as a Black woman, but a white man.

Yes, according to the official newspaper for the University of New Hampshire, The New Hampshire, a white male professor at the school in one of their science programs used social media to allegedly impersonate a “woman of color.”

While claiming to be a “woman of color” by the moniker of “The Science Femme,” teacher Craig Chapman actually bullied his fellow staff members — who were of color.

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Chapman has subsequently been fired from his position at UNH after an investigation proved that he was secretly tweeting as “The Science Femme” on the Twitter account @piney_the.

Various messages attacked progressives, transgender people, and people of color.  At the time of his firing, he had over 13,000 followers.

One of the misleading quotes read as follows, “I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest” and that he believes this to be “a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch.” 

Chapman further noted with boastful pride that he, through this imaginary identity called “The Science Femme” was working to remove, “all woke terminology from the statement including anti-racism, white supremacy, white privilege, and claims of systemic racism.”   

He also posted pictures of an unidentified woman that were “illicit and revealing,” basically trying to s###-shame her — while posing as a righteous and intelligent “woman of color.” 

The school has been working to support marginalized communities, cracking down on spaces that are not inclusive, and working to dismantle inequity. This is actually what prompted him to create The Science Femme to actually undermine this work. He even bragged about it from the now-deleted account. 

“Being on these committees is the best way to steer larger policy further down the line,” The Science Femme says inferring that she (who is really a he) is working within the school to push the aforementioned agenda. “You have to endure all manner of nonsense, but do it.”   

So what did the school say? 

Chapman worked under the Chemistry Department Chair Glen Miller who, according to The New Hampshire, confirmed in an email to faculty and staff that his worker did write the statement. In said statement he noted that he “condemned the offensive statements,” but did not condemn the misrepresentation or cultural appropriation for a forced and abusive agenda.

Instead, Miller  said in the correspondence that he still supports Chapman as a person. 


The UNH Spokeswoman Erika Mantz did comment to the paper saying, “we are deeply troubled by what we’ve learned so far and immediately launched an investigation.”  

This case is different from Jessica Krug, a George Washington University professor of African American studies, who confessed this summer that she had been living as a Black woman for years and lying to friends, co-workers, community stakeholders, and students.

It is also different from the Satchuel Cole from the Black Lives Matter movement and Rachel Dolezal, a former chapter president of the NAACP.

All three of these Caucasian people were a) women and b) lovers of Black culture and people so passionate that they tried to assume the actual lived experience while working for the liberation of the community. For them, being allies was not just enough and their white privilege tricked them into believing that they had a right to it— even to our pain.  

Still twisted, wrong, and abusive at the other side of the spectrum. Everybody wanna be a Black woman — but nobody really wants her burden.