Wiz Khalifa Reveals Why Father’s Day 2024 Was Extra Special—Gets Response From Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is expecting his second child, which will be his first with girlfriend Aimee Aguilar.

Wiz Khalifa celebrated Father’s Day with a major announcement on Sunday (June 16). The 36-year-old rapper revealed his girlfriend Aimee Aguilar is pregnant with a baby girl.

“Baby Girl On The Way,” he wrote on Instagram.

Aguilar used the same caption to share several maternity photos on her Instagram account. Wiz Khalifa’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, the mother of his son Sebastian, showed her support in the comments of both posts.

“We can’t wait to meet her!” Rose wrote on Wiz Khalifa’s post.

Rose praised Aguilar as a “gorgeous mama” in a comment on the maternity photos.

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Wiz Khalifa’s baby girl will be his first child with Aguilar, whom he’s been dating for roughly five years. The baby will be his second child.

Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa discussed fatherhood on the Call Her Daddy podcast. The weed-loving artist admitted he got high before attending his son’s parent-teacher conferences.

“Hell yeah, I’m pulling up stoned,” he said. “They expect it. They know what’s up. It’s not like back in the day where you’re considered a bad parent if you smoke weed. I’m pretty sure my son smells like weed.”

Wiz Khalifa discussed amusing tales from his family life on the Jennifer Hudson Show months later. Around Mother’s Day, he told Hudson he went to strip clubs with his mom.

“Me and my mom do everything together,” he said. “We go to strip clubs together. We went to Mexico. We went to Coachella together. We do everything. That’s my dog.”

View Aguilar’s maternity photos below.

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