Wiz Khalifa Talks Going To Strip Clubs With His Mom

Wiz Khalifa

“Me and my mom do everything together.”

Mother’s Day just passed on Sunday (May 12). Wiz Khalifa spoke about his close relationship with his mom while appearing on the May 17th episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

“Peachie’s a superstar,” the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native told Jennifer Hudson about the woman also known as Katie Wimbush. “If you meet her, you’ll fall in love with her. So every day is her day.”

In addition, Wiz Khalifa said, “Me and my mom do everything together. We go to strip clubs together. We went to Mexico. We went to Coachella together. We do everything. That’s my dog.”

Wiz Khalifa has been open about his family life in other interviews. In January, the “Black and Yellow” hitmaker admitted to attending his son’s parent-teacher conferences while high on marijuana.

“Hell yeah. I’m pulling up stoned. They expect it,” Khalifa stated. “They know what’s up. It’s not like back in the day where you’re considered a bad parent if you smoke weed. I’m pretty sure my son smells like weed.”

Fans of Wiz Khalifa can expect the weed aficionado to rap about the subject on his forthcoming full-length project. The 36-year-old recording artist already declared Kush and Orange Juice 2 will be a classic.