Woman Busted For Brandishing A Loaded Firearm In Front Of Diddy’s House


A woman who tried to barge your way into an after party hosted by Diddy ended up in handcuffs. Read more about the wild incident!

Some wild drama unfolded in front of Diddy’s house after the BET Awards last weekend.

The hip-hop mogul was awarded a lifetime achievement award on Sunday, (June 26th) during the ceremony, where he also performed a medley of his hits with Bad Boy alumni like Lil’ Kim, Shyne, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Faith, Evans and others.

Naturally, Diddy was in a festive mood, so he had an a-list party at his mansion in Los Angeles.

Not everybody was in the celebratory mood.

According to the cops, an uninvited woman showed up at Diddy’s mansion, which was jam-packed.

The woman, who was waiting in her car to go through a security checkpoint, became irritated that other vehicles were not moving fast enough.

She allegedly pulled out a gun and brandished it at other cars in hopes of speeding things up.

Diddy’s security team got wind of the woman’s antics and promptly detained her.

The 30-year-old woman was arrested by the cops, and charged with unlawful possession of a loaded firearm.

The unidentified woman was released on her own recognizance. So far, Diddy has yet to comment on the issue.