Woman Shot The Same Night As Takeoff Has No Insurance And Must Pay $200k Medical Bills


The woman does not seem to have received money from celebrities.

Late Migos rapper Takeoff was not the only person injured in the Texas shooting that claimed his life.

One other person who was shot was Sydney Leday, a 24-year-old young woman.

Leday spoke out earlier in the year. AllHipHop.com reported her first-time speaking out, saying she was out partying with her friends at the 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley.

According to an interview with The Shade Room, the young lady says she is still traumatized after being shot in her head. In addition to the physical scars, she is dealing with the big dent in her pockets left by all the hospital bills.

A few after-effects of the shooting were that she now has a bald spot in the place where she was shot and that she has to go to a therapist to treat her post-traumatic stress disorder.

Even while in the hospital, she said, “They had to keep sedating me because I kept trying to get up and leave.”

She said she was grateful that she basically doesn’t look like what she’s been through and said that even when loud noises like NYE fireworks go off, she is triggered.

“I want to be able to feel normal,” she said before asking people to remember, this was “a senseless act that wasn’t needed and it impacted people in a big way. Not just Takeoff. No just me. People that were there are traumatized [also].”

So far, Leday has been billed for over $200k in medical services for staying in the hospital for a week when she slipped into a coma, the surgeries, and other treatments. Of that, she and her supporters have raised less than $17k on a GoFundMe that was set up for her.

The profile states she has no insurance and was “an unfortunate victim of violence.”

There is no word is Quality Control or anyone from Migos has offered to foot the low six-figure bill.

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