Xzibit Might Have To Pay Support To His Ex-Wife FOREVER

Xzibit and Krista Joiner

Xzibit’s ex-wife Krista Joiner sued him over an alleged oral agreement that promised her financial support for life.

Xzibit’s ex-wife Krista Joiner claims he agreed to financially support her for the rest of her life.

According to The Blast, Joiner sued her ex-husband for allegedly breaking an agreement to provide her “lifelong support.” Joiner and Xzibit have been battling over money since she filed for divorce in 2021.

Joiner says the two had an oral agreement ensuring Xzibit’s financial support if she remained a homemaker. The lawsuit contends the deal was supposed to continue even if the couple split.

“In the event the parties’ relationship ended, all of the property acquired, or entities or businesses established, or which property or entities/businesses increased in value, during their relationship as a result of [Xzibit’s] skills, efforts, labor, and earnings, regardless of how the title was formally held, would be divided equally between them,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit claims Xzibit insisted he’d cover Joinier’s financial needs whenever she’d look for career opportunities. Joiner argued she’s entitled to lifelong support because she’s providing services as a “confidant, companion, social and business partner, homemaker, housekeeper and consultant to Defendant in connection with financial and family matters.”

Joiner is seeking an undisclosed amount in her lawsuit against Xzibit. She’s asking a judge to determine how much she’s owed.