Yak Gotti’s Lawyer Clashes With Judge At Pretrial Hearing In YSL RICO Case

Yak Gotti

Yak Gotti and Young Thug are two of the six co-defendants remaining in the YSL RICO trial, which begins on November 27.

Judge Ural Glanville issued a stern warning to Yak Gotti’s lawyer Doug Weinstein, who raised concerns about the courtroom configuration for the YSL RICO trial on Tuesday (November 21). The judge and defense attorney’s tense exchange occurred less than a week before the start of the trial in Georgia.

Weinstein said he hated to add to the judge’s burdens but noted how the defendants had the right to a line of sight of the witnesses at the upcoming trial. Judge Glanville mentioned Zoom capabilities as a potential solution to the issue. Yak Gotti’s attorney dismissed Zoom as insufficient for his client, Young Thug and their fellow co-defendants.

“What do you want me to do then?” Judge Glanville asked. “How am I gonna solve that?”

Yak Gotti’s lawyer responded, “I don’t know, your honor. I honestly don’t.”

Judge Glanville demanded Weinstein present a solution to the problem since the attorney brought the issue to the court’s attention. The two went back and forth as the discussion became more contentious.

“I wouldn’t be trying this many people at the same time, your honor, so that we don’t have our constitutional rights—that was not my decision, your honor,” Weinstein told the judge. “I did not inflict the situation on my client. The state did that.”

Judge Glanville fired back, “I’d be really careful addressing me this way, Mr. Weinstein. I really would.”

Weinstein’s client Yak Gotti, Young Thug and four co-defendants face trial in the YSL RICO case. Opening statements are scheduled to begin on November 27.