Ye To Sell Balenciaga/ YE24 Pieces For $20 Each

kanye west - Ye

Artist is selling his actual closet gems for the price of two Starbucks tall coffees.

Ye, the producer-turned-rapper-turned-designer who has lost his deals with GAP, Adidas, and Balenciaga over the last five months, is hocking his designer clothing on the cheap. 

A reporter for X17 snagged an exclusive video of the rapper. Ye gave the camera guy a tour of his office and revealed the plans for his new line YE24.

In the video, he stated, “So what I did is I just bought every piece of Balenciaga that I’ve ever seen,” as he walked through his massive offices. 

Ye continued, “And just started writing Ye24 on everything … and all these pieces, we just gonna be selling for $20 each. Just making sure that the people get the best things available.”

The supporters at @Ye4Us later posted, “If Kanye west drops $20 hoodies im boycotting every other brand in the industry until they match it.”

The Yeconomist hopped in the comments and said, “Other companies should be cheaper because of how much infrastructure they have to mass produce their product, ye & yeezy are tiny in comparison. every DESIGNER brand needs to drop their prices.”

People have missed Ye’s messages on Twitter. He was locked out of the social media platform after saying he was going to go “Deathcon on the Jews.” 

But since acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk, has allowed the rapper and his mentor Donald Trump to return.

After being gone for almost a month, Ye made two tweets. One was “Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked.”

The second said, “Shalom : ).”

Shalom is Hebrew for “peace” and is a customary greeting from people of Jewish ancestry.