YG Gives Details On New Album “Laugh Now Kry Later”

YG is back on the scene with a new video and upcoming album with hopes to make an impact in 2020.

(AllHipHop News) Since many are quarantined, YG has decided to treat his fans to new music and visuals to help get us through the shelter-in-blues.

With his latest single, “Laugh Now Kry Later,” the Compton rapper turned actor gets to flex on other rappers releasing videos during this social distancing season.

Rolling down the coast in a beige Lambo, he rhymes “Feels like I’m always going through the storm*/I got beef with Mother Nature.”

“This song is the title track from my upcoming album Laugh Now Kry Later,” YG explained. There’s more heat coming when we’re back outside again but wanted to give my fans something to vibe to while we’re all inside. Stay home, stay safe, and stay dangerous.”

While the culture is bubbling over the song, some people are paying attention to the rapper’s personal life.

People started talking about YG’s relationship between rapper Kamaiyah and singer Kehlani.

The two women are no longer friends and the internet has suggested that’s because the two were both involved intimately with the rapper.

Kamaiyah previously signed to YG’s label and Kehlani and YG were romantically linked in 2019.

Kehlani and YG broke up because YG was caught kissing a different girl in the street.

Either way, we see who is laughing now … answer is … YG … all the way to the top of the charts!