Young Buck Bankruptcy Drama Ensues Over Huge Amount Of Back Child Support

Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck faces court’s decision on child support payments amidst bankruptcy proceedings.

The drama in Young Buck’s bankruptcy saga now involves the mother of his children and not just former G-Unit boss 50 Cent. 

Two women with children from Young Buck are fighting with the bankruptcy trustee over who should get direct access to the whopping amounts the rapper owes to both women. 

One woman, Shannon Robertson, claims Young Buck owes over $153,000 in back child support. The trustee overseeing the rap star’s bankruptcy claims the actual amount is $81,471.70.

Another woman named Deatrice Blackwell is also trying to wrangle $28,000 worth of back child support from Young Buck. 

Instead of paying the women directly, the bankruptcy trustee is asking a judge to route the payments through the State of Tennessee, DHS Child Support.

The money would go to the State Disbursement Unit, which would ensure that Young Buck’s financial responsibilities are addressed as he navigates his complex legal and financial challenges.

Young Buck’s financial turmoil was exposed when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2020, reportedly to evade debts owed to various creditors, including rapper 50 Cent and the mother of his children.

Young Buck has contended that his bankruptcy filing was primarily to extricate himself from financial obligations tied to his G-Unit contract, which includes a contentious $250,000 purportedly owed to 50 Cent.

While 50 Cent asserts that this sum was an advance requiring repayment, Young Buck’s legal team argues that it was not explicitly outlined as a loan that needed to be repaid in the contractual agreements. 

This dispute has led to a strenuous legal battle between the two artists, which has yet to be resolved.

Young Buck’s catalog was recently sold for $800,000, which should cover the rapper’s debt and allow him to emerge from bankruptcy successfully.