Young Thug’s Lawyers Seek Exclusion Of Goat Sacrifice Evidence In RICO Trial

Young Thug

The lawyers believe the religious ceremony might negatively impact Thug’s chances of freedom.

On July 27, Young Thug’s lawyers filed a motion with the Superior Court of Fulton County to exclude evidence involving one of his co-defendants from his RICO trial.

This co-defendant, Shannon Stillwell (also known as SB), was arrested on March 17, 2022, at a home in East Point during a religious ceremony that allegedly involved the sacrifice of goats, according to 11 Alive.

The prosecution wanted to use this evidence against Stillwell during the trial, but Thug’s defense argues that it has no relevance to the charges against Thug.

The defense also pointed out that Stillwell’s arrest is connected to a separate murder charge unrelated to the Atlanta rapper’s case. Thug’s lawyers referenced local court records in the motion, contending that presenting evidence of the religious ceremony to jurors would not benefit the case and could be influenced by biases against the religious practice.

Despite the ceremony’s unrelated nature to Thug, the defense believes it could still negatively impact both Thug’s and his co-defendants’ cases.

“A reasonable person can also view this as character evidence as well,” the motion reads.

This motion is the latest development in the year-long RICO case. Notably, Thug’s co-defendant, Stillwell, has been incarcerated in Cobb County Jail for over a year, and his request for bond was denied again recently, as reported by